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gorilla1 Level 179

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: Best Multicoins Autofaucet send 14 cryptocurrencies every minute!
Posted 8 months ago, last edited 8 months ago
This site is turning into a scam? For a site that promotes server service, they can not even handle their own sites usage. And you can work like crazy earning, but if you are on lower levels (direct quote from owner) you have to wait in line to get paid after the higher level members. I frankly would not recommend this site to my worst enemy!

RE: -Daily lottery,Faucet+Games+Offerswall
Posted 2 years ago
Really off to a bad start? No Funds in any of the 3 (where do you get 9 from?) faucets there? You really needed to be more prepared before launching!