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cristal Level 49

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: keeps returning same error over and over
Posted 17 days ago, last edited 17 days ago
Thanks for update and for fixing the problem. I did few claims and i can confirm that now everything is ok with the new website. I do claims when i can but dont forget to test the claims because from time to time bugs related to shortlinks can occure, or some shortlinks may send infected popups,  so you can fix the problems (recommended is to rotate shortlinks) so people wont believe that bugs are simulated. You can start advertise the faucet to get more users and i would ask a Faucethub moderator to delete this topic or flag it as resolved.

Lower the minimum withdraw amount for PPC coin
Posted 25 days ago, last edited 25 days ago
The minimum withdraw amount for PPC coin is 5 PPC which means $ 2.70 (almost 3$) , while average amounts for other coins in USD is $ 0.5. Maybe PPC withdraw amounts and fees has not been adjusted since some time ago when the coin was worthing less $$ ? Can you lower the minimum withdraw amount for PPC for users ? (unless the official desktop PPC wallet does not accept incoming amounts lower than 5 PPC just as it was for not accepting lower than 20000 satoshi incoming ) Thank you.

RE: Updated Dutchy AutoFaucets to Earn or Level Up very Fast !
Posted 2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
dutchybeatz fix your dutchycorp 4 minute autofaucet counter or i will consider youre scamming people because your counter jumps from 10 to 6 and then to 2 credits available. The counter should decrease by 1 credit not by 4. People be careful with the counters on his autofaucets.

RE: keeps returning same error over and over
Posted 2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
Thank you for your time and for reply. I have tried again and still nothing : (tried to link a screenshot but isnt working here) i keep my opinion as either this is a simulated bug, either the owner is a amateur who doesnt even test his website. keeps returning same error over and over
Posted 2 months ago first time when you visit the faucet you have to input the monero address. So far so good but after finishing the captchas from shortlinks you get redirected on the homepage with the error: "Shortlink verification failed. Please try again." and bellow there is a button: "VERIFY SHORTLINK" Even if you come back later there is the same message displayed. Which makes you visit over and over the shortlinks without getting paid. Other notices : -the website is loading slow and sometimes returns just a blank page instead of content on the homepage. -on the top right corner the balance of the faucet is : Balance: 0.04694048 -it seems to be one of the faucets of the faucethero : Powered by: Can someone check this faucet if the bug is simulated or real. What makes suspicious is that the message keeps displaying and there is no way to add again the address . Thank you.

RE: Guide: Chat LvL Colors
Posted 2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
thank you for your time and reply. So its either those colorful rains are flagged as "rainmaster" in the history list , or im not eligible by chance to get rain when ( rains , either there is something wrong or a bug . Because the real rainmaster make rare rains but when i see those colorful mesages about rain i dont get any altcoin at all (and history list entries too) and this is not by chance because i keep monitoring very closely since yesterday and no amounts are added at all to my altcoins between the real rainmaster rains. Can't make a youtube video proof because of space on hdd or my free time, anyways thanks for your time and replies again. I'll move this mistery to X-files and keep claiming and hoping those colorful rains are for real :).

RE: Guide: Chat LvL Colors
Posted 2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
Thank you very much i didn't knew about color meaning , i thought it has something to do with mining on FH or being a veteran. Speaking about colors: I wonder why i dont get anything as rain from those colorful messages , i get rain only from the rainmaster. Are those messages fakes by bots to advertise their faucets ? (,, etc) . My umbrella is green ( i have even 50 payouts daily and 17 faucets visited and talk in chat) and i did refreshed to check the amounts on my altcoins , so no rain amount entries from such mesage in the chat. The chat mentions notify me only when i get rain from rainmaster . Can you tell me what's the catch ? Are those colorful rains country targeted or the user has to claim especially on those websites? I see people saying "thank you for the rain" and thats funny for me :). Tha chat is spammed with such colorful rains and makes me think those are not real at all even because are so many rains and who will give such amounts every few seconds without getting bankrupt.

RE: Fap - Free Faucet Script with antibotlinks, multicoins, short link
Posted 2 months ago
Nice ! i'm the one who answered you on the bitcointalk forum . I like it because there are no annoying popups and when i told you about that infected short link, you have removed it immediately ! Highly recommended.

RE: Free Bitcoin Auto Payouts!
Posted 7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
once you go to home page always a login and register button displays. Long time registering procedure, confirmation comes to email after 1 or 2 minutes. After clicking on registering email i got redirected and receive a registration code which is useless . Back to home page the buttons Login (and Register) keeps displaying even if you are logged in. There is no account displaying button or name display to see your settings if any, no logged in confirmation at all . The roulette is just a dead image ,is not working. The scratch cards redirects to a error 404 page. You claim on faucet but there is no display that you are logged in . "Payouts made automatically, every 20 minutes, to your account" payments are not instant. Free bits - "A minimum of 30,000 Bits is Needed to Withdraw into Bitcoin" ...ok I have the feeling that i know the bitcoin and i'm user/tester of faucets before you even heard of bitcoin. Got payed at least here is the proof (i dont know why the payment is flagged as referral because i didnt advertised yet) : Amateurs in rush, you should test the faucet before releasing ,specially the login feature.