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Signed up 3 years ago
Let's Make More Money Together With The New Shortner
Posted 2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
Hey, most of you might all know me. I am already running a private shortner and have already paid hundreds of dollars to publishers without any delays. So I decided to open a public short for new Faucet Owners, who are trying to make a profit without having to wait for days to reach the withdrawal threshold. Clickit is a new short with $1.35 CPM and you can withdraw as low as $0.2 from this short instantly to Faucethub account (Tested for Bugs and Everything!) This means you only need to have 150 daily users to reach the withdrawal threshold. Sounds awesome for everyone I already have enough Shortners, why would I add this? You might have a lot of shortners, but ask yourself if they are helping you make a profit? We might have dozens of shortners and it can take a month or sometimes even more than that to reach the withdrawal threshold. Well, this doesn't sound good.  Besides, adding more shortners is not something to brag off, but is a major concern since your income is distributed in multiple platforms. Didn't get it? Here is an example. let's say you have 15 Shortners on the list, each paying $2 CPM with $5 withdrawal threshold. For the sake of example, you are able to send 1000 visitors to each shorteners in a month. This equates to a $1 balance on each shortner! Still a lot far from the withdrawal threshold. Now do this example with 5 Shorteners on the list, and each one receiving 3000 (Total: 15000) hits from your website Profits Why you should place Clickit Short on top of the list? Nice Question! You might be working with shortners having higher CPM, but there are high chances that your users have already pass that link somewhere in the bigger faucet websites. Sending a user to high paying CPM without getting it converted is risky and can actually cause you losses. On the other hand, Clickit is NOT likely to become the target of bigger publishers, making a room for every other FO to capitalize on the situation by placing it on the priority of their Shortners list. Here is an example. Let's say a Shortner pays $2 CPM. This Shortner will be placed on the big faucet websites like Firefauet,, etc as a priority. There is around 60-70% chances that sending users to this shortner might not be feasible for small and mid-size FO, and will not convert On the other hand, Clickit won't be a target of bigger publishers since it will be placed at the end or middle of their list. You can check 100Count Linko Shortner as an example on Firefaucet. This situation is great for small and medium-size faucet websites as it can result in increasing conversions. Besides, Clickit also has a very low withdrawal threshold which is $0.2 Sounds great to balance your profit with cost and run your websites without having to worry about a higher threshold? Yes it does From where did I get those stats? It is simple, I am a website owner and have seen a lot of traffic passing through high paying shortners that do not convert I remember, you have another Dogeauto Short which you closed? Will this have the same fate? Nope!! That short had some bugs during installation that I was not able to fix. So we are continuing with this one. Think. Manage. Profit. Over to you

RE: Get extra coupon code on Faucetspro AutoFaucet Script V2.6
Posted 2 months ago
Opphs I lost xD

RE: Shortner with Low Payout Threshold - $1.35 CPM
Posted 2 months ago
... or the pro ... Thank you keyboard warrior =) 

RE: Shortner with Low Payout Threshold - $1.35 CPM
Posted 2 months ago
are the unique views the same as on your other shortner? or do both count 1 view separately?  Hey, both count one view each.  So you can add both of them and send a single view =) 

Shortner with Low Payout Threshold - $1.35 CPM
Posted 2 months ago
Waiting for more than 10 days to receive your withdraws? SAY NO MORE! Nobody likes pending payment, so here is your Rescue! The Doge auto shortner pays fast (Within 48 hours). It has instant withdrawals just after approval and you can withdraw as low as $1 to your FH Doge address. Counting ONE IP per 24 hours with $1.35 CPM.  A user friendly shortner that is a win win situation for everyone =) 

Posted 2 months ago
they are fraudsters, don't use them

RE: Legit and Low Withdrawal Shortner with Fast Payment
Posted 3 months ago
you are one of people who i'm trust so i'm your user but i didnt understand how counting is working how many users per ip? Counting Unique IPs = 1 IP/ 24 hours :) 

Legit and Low Withdrawal Shortner with Fast Payment
Posted 3 months ago
Introducing you to our very own Link Shortner.  100Count Linko Please add this Shortner in your websites and faucets to help us grow. We ensure timely payments from our backup funds so you never have to deal with funding problems. Counting unique views per IP and Paying $1.3 CPM for 1000 Views Payment Methods Skrill $5.00 Bitcoin $20.00 Faucethub (6% fee) $0.50 Faucethub (4% fee) $1.00 Faucethub (1.5% fee) $2.00 Faucethub (No fee) $20.00 Dogecoin (Tx Fee) $2.00

Learn Crypto Trading
Posted 5 months ago
Hey, you might all know me. I am the owner of faucet. and has been on Faucethub for more than two years. Aside from running faucets I also trade Cryptos and manage other websites. Recently, I discovered that many traders usually lose money in trading, thanks to FOMO and FUD buying. Also, there is no solid blog to teach Bitcoin and Crypto Trading.  This forced me to open a trading section at Coinogle (Crypto Trading) and teach techniques to make money via Trading. As of now, there are only a few posts, but the section will have regular updates. As for advice, it seems great to subscribe to posts via Email, from the website and remain updated to the changing market dynamics.

RE: NEW !! free faucetinabox templates for download !!
Posted 6 months ago
Nice work and appreciated =)