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Signed up 3 years ago
RE: - Faucet,Shortlinks,PTC Surf and More
Posted 2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
as i expected other bits site   so if you want to make your site different  you need to make withdraw less 1000 sats and increase your refs commission . it is just advice from claimer then faucet owner then programmer. Yes, we will do our best to improve our service,thank you :) - Faucet,Shortlinks,PTC Surf and More
Posted 2 months ago Faucet, Shortlinks, Offerwalls, PTC Surf, Mining, Lottery, Rewards, Contests and more... ,it's a new Bitcoin Faucet where you can earn Bits by completing offers doing shortlinks claim from faucet and more... Payouts - Once you reach the min payouts , you can convert your Bits into Satoshis and withdraw them into your FaucetHub account or Bitcoin Wallet. Try our website it's easy to register and is FREE