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light26 Level 20

Signed up 3 years ago
RE: ►► ◄◄Multicoins Faucet • Games • AutoFaucet • Exchange • Miner+BONUS
Posted 11 months ago
HI,   I wish to share my withdrawals from "". So far i had good earning and journey with The admin and his team created such a beautiful platform to the world. Lots lots of opportunities to earn here with plenty of Crypto currencies, offers, games. So i must tell everyone to grad this beautiful opportunity and support Allcoins team. SO that they can create more stuff to earn all members as well as they also grow and stay strong in this Crypto World.  MY withdrawal proof. Withdrawal 10/20 08:43 Bitcoin Withdraw -0.00001970 Paid 10/01 17:56 Bitcoin Withdraw -0.00002140 Paid 10/01 17:45 Bitcoin Withdraw -0.00000001 Paid 09/24 19:19 Bitcoin Withdraw -0.00004860 Paid THis is just beginning.. friends. Soon will post some more cool proofs.                                        I wish all his team "All the Best, keep doing good things". Thank you