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Signed up 2 years ago
Posted 1 year ago
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Looking for programmer - FaucetHub micropayment code (Andriod Studio)
Posted 1 year ago, last edited 1 year ago
I'm currently developing an android mobile/tablet faucet game app using android studio. I'm looking for some basic (working) code to save time on the inital development - If anyone on FaucetHub is willing to sell a copy of their code, I can pay in crypto or your local currency. I would also be willing to promote/advertise (for free) your apps or websites in all of the apps I publish.  The following is a short description of what I'm looking for..... 1) Google SignIn (lastest code update must be after 1 June 2018). 2) Google Saved Games (again, lastest code update must be after 1 June 2018). 3) micropayment button with example code to send reward payments either through FaucetHub, Coinbase or any other wallet that supports micropayment API. If anyone is interested, please reply to this thread or PM me. Jo