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Signed up 2 years ago
RE: [Guide] How to get most out of your Chat Box Advertisement
Posted 9 months ago
That is is the most useful post for me. Thank you, that is so helpful!

RE: It's Holiday season ! What can you buy with BTC !
Posted 9 months ago
Awesome article... It would be nice to expand the idea.. There is a site that you could add from Canada. You pay your  household bills in a variety of coins. Then for the UK some estate agents are now accepting bitcoin and shops are now allowing online shoppers to pay for groceries with them.... I would use links for UK if you hunt them down. Keep up the search and keep up informing us :D

RE: HACK THE PLANET... or Fast Food
Posted 11 months ago
Awesome post! Thank you so much :)

RE: GameOfBitcoins -- Faucet List -- Best Paying Faucets!
Posted 11 months ago
A very nicely set out Faucet list - Easy to find the currency you are collecting and the all the other important info at a glance. Well done on creating a very enjoyable and user friendly site. I wish you much success x