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egystar75 Level 8

Signed up 2 years ago
Posted 23 days ago
Claim 0.05 Doge Every 5 minutes -NO SHORT LINK dogecoinabundance faucethero com

Posted 25 days ago
CLAIM EVERY 5 MIN NO SHORT LINK easyfreebitcoins faucethero com dogecoinabundance faucethero com litecoinrush faucethero com

RE: how i can promote my faucet without any investment
Posted 4 months ago
anyway i promoted my faucets with attractive headlines at the top crypto forums ( faucethub forum , bitcointalk org) as well as advertising on mellow ads : all these methods have little significant increase in traffic , i think there is very important option which is Listing the faucets in faucethub directory and of course you must be premium must try everything

NO ADS FAUCETS (Cryptocurrency Exchange Faucets )
Posted 4 months ago
Just think these faucets may be also useful to others to add it to their faucet collection tradesatoshi crex24 YoBit

RE: 50 satoshi every 5 minutes
Posted 4 months ago
I wouldnt say you "found it".... Its more You own it.... just saying.... crypto_womble thank you very much for great words

50 satoshi every 5 minutes
Posted 4 months ago
I found a great faucet : firex faucethero com

RE: Coinpot.CO
Posted 1 year ago
i withdraw 13000 dashes since few days and received it , however no support at all, but also they have the best faucets online, the moon group 

RE: AirDrips is scam
Posted 1 year ago
that is great but in respect to your opinion i think its is too good to be true, they credit many BCH Only for visiting 6 websites 

RE: Want To Mine Free -- Join & get 10 doge freee
Posted 1 year ago
sorry but 10 doge approximately= 5 cent not $3.6

RE: New Dogecoin Autofaucet/Floodgate
Posted 1 year ago
good faucet but not worth the time