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ahmadtaha Level 1096

Signed up 2 years ago

🔥 Fire Faucet 🔥 - The Best Auto Faucet Ever - Unique and High Paying
Posted 1 year ago
This auto faucet is beautifully designed where you can claim all currency in just a single page! There are no hidden miners! Also, shortlinks are optional you can mine for auto faucet claims !  Unlike many other auto faucets, there will be no errors!  This script is designed by me. More features to come soon. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to comment below Try and give reviews LINK - PROMO #2: Post your Fire Faucet username below for 1000 FREE CLAIMS NEW UPDATE: Now you can claim free random daily rewards of Auto Claims without Shortlinks! Get upto 200 free claims by juct checking in daily! PS - My other site  : - (About This)

Faucet Owner Assets | Shortlinks, Ad Network, Scripts all in one! Daily Updated
Posted 2 years ago
If you want to create your faucet I have created this list which contains all assets needed for faucets like Shortlinks (All Views + Unique + Scams) and Ad Networks, Faucet Scripts and much more!  Check it out here :

RE: Highest Paid Miner | CLI MINING | FLAT DESIGN | 10% REF | No AD/Captcha/Popup | BEST EVER!
Posted 2 years ago
Added Command Line Mining to mine 4x faster speed!  Also, you can mine with your GPUs NO Minimum, INSTANT Payouts For Newbies, there is also easy guide for command line mining which helps to start it :)