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Signed up 2 years ago
RE: Wie sammelt ihr Coins
Posted 6 months ago
Moin, Die meisten Autofaucets sind leider eher weniger zum Geld verdienen gemacht sondern um auf Faucethub schneller Level up zu werden (weil jeder payout 3EXP bringt). Die zahlen nämlich meistens nur so 10.000 Dogetoshi pro Minute, was dann 0.01 DOGE pro Stunde entspricht... Dafür muss man dann aber die Seite die ganze Zeit offen haben... Wenn du eine Autofaucet suchst die besonders schnell und ohne dass die Seite offen ist auszahlt, dann gib doch mal meinen Namen in die Adresszeile ein. Wenn du allerdings einigermaßen was verdienen willst, dann kann ich dir nur meine Faucetlists ans Herz legen: Coinpot Faucets Faucethub Faucets Hoffe das hat dir geholfen

RE: Best 13 Site Short Links Minimum $1
Posted 11 months ago
Seems like this list isn´t up to date... Short2win min withdrawal is 5$ PP and onlinebee is 0.50$ FH

RE: can i mine bitcoins using "Nvidia Tesla M60 16GB" ?
Posted 11 months ago
At first: It´s never worth it to buy a VPS to mine on it. Second: One if this GPU´s should get you up to 20 mh/s on ETH This article might be interresting for you:

RE: Avoid Instant Doge, Instant LTC and Instant BTC (with picture proofs)
Posted 12 months ago
Just started claiming form them yesterday lol. Thanks for the info, gonna invest my time in other sites now ^^

RE: How to check or anti scam user?
Posted 12 months ago
What is this? :O

RE: Claiming Faucets with Username
Posted 1 year ago
Intresting idea, you have my support !

RE: 100 Satoshi to post in a forum!
Posted 1 year ago
Seems like the email confirmation process isn´t working for me, I tried it first with my normal email, than with a 10minutemail, both didn´t work. Anyway, feel free to promote my Faucet: there. You can use the following Text: ◤=======================◥ 📢 Claim Free Doge every 5 minutes ! 🔥 📢 Up to 1.2 Doge ! 🔥 📢 Minimum 0.211 Doge ! 🔥 📢 Thanks for yout Support ! 🔥 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 📢 🔥 ◣=======================◢

RE: Verdiene BTC mit Google Chrome
Posted 1 year ago
CPU Mining lohnt sich sowieso nicht und schon gleich dreimal nicht in Deutschland bei den Strompreisen...

RE: My main account is frozen
Posted 1 year ago
I always need to click the "Resend Code" botton several times, but so far I always recieved an e-mail. Did you alredy tried to spam the Resend code botton?

RE: Language Request Thread
Posted 1 year ago
German would be awsome !