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kusgan124 Level 100

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: Best Multicoins Autofaucet send 14 cryptocurrencies every minute!
Posted 1 year ago Your Ref.Code: a8e29fbe-439

RE: GameOfBitcoins -- Faucet List -- Best Paying Faucets!
Posted 1 year ago
If you want to just focus on collecting 1 coin this is the best site. It gives a list of faucets paying directly to faucethub. What I like most about this list is that it shows if the faucet is insufficient funds.

RE: Claim 5 satoshi every 4 minutes
Posted 1 year ago
why so low?

RE: B3coin on faucethub?
Posted 2 years ago
may I ask what will happen to my B3 faucet claims now that FH will not be adding it here, will the faucet owner pay us in btc equivalent or is it a just forget it?

RE: tanung lang mga puppychullo
Posted 2 years ago
Bitcoin. ibang coin yang bitcore