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justbob722 Level 51

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: WoW! Faucet Multicoin Faucet - ShortLink - Lotteries - PTC - Cheap Advertising - Faucet Lists
Posted 3 months ago, last edited 3 months ago
I’ve been using your faucet for months now (great, by the way!) with nary an issue. But today when I log in, it says “You are suspected of being a bot, contact support.” Of course, support says still in development, please post here... Mahalo, JustBob722

Posted 12 months ago
What the hell is going on with recaptcha? It’s failing to accept the confirmed check 4 out of 5 times, and on sites that have 2 or 3 recaptchas, it’s almost impossible to collect...  or is it just me? I thouht it was just my iPad, but the same thing happens on my laptop, pc, and all my android devices, so I assume it’s universal. And with so many sites using only recaptcha, it’s becoming a royal pain in the ass... JustBob722

Posted 1 year ago
I received a payment from instant-ltc last week. I was shocked because it was about 2 months overdue. Bob

RE: FaucetHub doesn't support the new BCH address
Posted 1 year ago If you run your new address through this, it will convert it into old address format that you can use to send from faucet hub to your wallet.

RE: I want ask about the address
Posted 1 year ago
I understand what he means. When I first started, I hadn't decided which wallet I wanted to use. as I discovered negatives to some and switched to others, I couldn't change the address AT THE FAUCET. So I have to collect those faucets on an address I don't use, and consolidate them here, before I send them on to the final destination. But I have to have all the addresses listed here to make it work. Then, sometimes I am consolidating to purchase at an exchange and want to sent them directly there, so I have to have the exchange address listed here. Sometimes I want to send them to my core to increase my stake. It all depends on what I am working on at the moment...   But I NEVER intentionally double dip any faucet

RE: Hide faucets and add favorites etc.
Posted 1 year ago
I would think you’d just have to expand matrix by 1 with on/off whether to show...

RE: Dragon's idea, Specially for mex!!
Posted 1 year ago
One critique, fees seem incredibly high. Most places, including fh, have fees of less than 1%... earnings are generally based on volume, supported by owner until volume reaches profitability.

RE: FaucetHub Mining defect for user whose level is more than 70
Posted 1 year ago
Ahhh, I thought the chat thing was just me cuz I’m on iPad!

RE: FaucetHub Mining defect for user whose level is more than 70
Posted 1 year ago
Can’t be that, cus it does the same to me now, too...

RE: Black Coin Owners and Staking
Posted 1 year ago
What is a good minimum to have in the wallet to expect rewards?