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hansal Level 150

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: - Faucet,Shortlinks,PTC Surf and More
Posted 22 hours ago, last edited 22 hours ago
as i expected other bits site   so if you want to make your site different  you need to make withdraw less 1000 sats and increase your refs commission . it is just advice from claimer then faucet owner then programmer.

RE: earn more than 150$ per day?
Posted 2 days ago, last edited 2 days ago
 there is not any way you can get 150$ per day without hard work  or high risk  so there is not free money , so beware from this kind of sites 

Posted 2 days ago
20 mins !! how it is auto faucet  !!! it so hard to me to stay open your site open all this time !

RE: scam or not?
Posted 2 days ago
i'm not sure about the site if it is scam or not but as programmer i can say that it is so hard to great  fake payment in the main page  or it will be hard work on owner to change payment manually every day .

RE: I won 5th in Daily Lotto, but didn't get PAID?
Posted 3 days ago
as i said before avoid faucet games  the site always win and if you won you will not be payed !!!

RE: New Network
Posted 5 days ago
i'm using  it is the best network for new faucet does not any requirement

RE: Dice game Betting simulator
Posted 7 days ago
i'm nor recommend any one to use faucet games  i thing that is way to steel from claimers their earning  maybe wrong but this just opinion

RE: My new faucet! Pays 5 sats
Posted 7 days ago
i dont understand how this faucet works ?? 

RE: what is the best bitcoin faucet site
Posted 10 days ago
check out my site may be you like :d

RE: New Faucet Script for 10$ All you need in one script.
Posted 14 days ago
help me for selling the script and get 20% ref commission from