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hansal Level 152

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: Will FH give the money earned before closing or not?
Posted 2 months ago
Suppose someone started just before the recent announcement was made, what is going to happen to those users and their withdrawals? i think all their time is gone away without any thing

RE: Free Faucets List Script
Posted 3 months ago
it is great from you to share your works for free  and i wold like ask you about pro API as you said in your post i cant find it in the script or in the readme file

RE: - New Style Ad Network
Posted 3 months ago
If you are taking the topic seriously you should improve the site and add key topics such as faqs in order to give the visitor confidence in depositing money in the site  that is just opinion 

RE: Best and Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet List
Posted 3 months ago
i liked you list so much  thanks for sharing

RE: ShortBitsFree - shortener Link for faucet owners
Posted 4 months ago
the same script for all short links sites  whatever could you tell me your source earning to be able to cover payments for users  because a lot of new scripts become scams and cant pay to the users specially after google ads blocked faucets

RE: Auto Faucet List in 2019
Posted 4 months ago
you are really creative man  every time i found from you every new  i hope to learn from you.

RE: PYNK an investment plateform that let you invest as low as 0$
Posted 4 months ago
eygpt ? is it one from eligable country

RE: Why did some people can still get .tk .gd etc free domains from Freenom?
Posted 4 months ago
is it first time to register new domain ?  if it is , really  i dont know . and you have to contact the support. but some times when you made many domains in freenom , their team checks the sites , and if your sites had been blocked many times for free domain policy they but your account and ip in black list to make you make pro account 

Posted 4 months ago
you can get faucethub wallets from here : you can use this address for claiming too

RE: What better SHORT link FOR FAUCETS
Posted 4 months ago
now days there are a lot of short links sites become scammers especially after google adsense prevent from using ads on faucet  what ever i depend on faucetinabox short links site that they add on their script but if you dont use their script you can check them on my site from here :