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RE: I am just a stupid newbie....
Posted 10 months ago
Yes, that'is your wallet address, enter it to Faucethub internal wallet address. Faucethub internal wallet address use for receive all free balance in Faucethub community only. Then in the future if you have any balance, you can withdraw it to your real wallet.

RE: Best Multicoins Autofaucet send 14 cryptocurrencies every minute!
Posted 10 months ago, last edited 10 months ago
i am having problem getting the verification code on my email. i have successfully register but can not log in because of email verification code .. how do i solve this problem? Check your spam folder, if you see it you can move it to inbox. Still any problem? PM your email.

RE: Best Multicoins Autofaucet send 14 cryptocurrencies every minute!
Posted 10 months ago, last edited 10 months ago
Reserved for code checklists Note: Bonus ABP 1,000 points has been distributed to all this list, Promo has ended Now every new features released, you will get surprise bonus of ABP 500 points at home page. The time limit for getting surprise bonus is 1 week. Tell your friends to always log in every day to get a surprise update that we can do at any time. Dont be late to claim your surprise bonus..^^ CONGRATULATIONS!  Bonus points has been added to all member with code list in here,  You can login to check your balance points!  Thank you :-) Valid Ref.Code here: b2092f11b-46, 2d042a3e7-43, 7d225a364-40, c5d3afe75-45, 0e8a64444-90, 04f5afb7-106, 4235b9df-113, ab12ffee-198, 1be11680-203, 04f5afb7-106, 4235b9df-113, ab12ffee-198, 1be11680-203, 6706b474c-10, 60747b502-69, b2092f11b-46, 5237410c-249, 2c7e9ae2-251, d15d956f-260, dbc924ac-268, be95b37a-188, 71ce72b0-280, d6140b31-301, d4002f50-161, bcbbff84-338, 6b60ab55-359, 5e55488e-433, a8e29fbe-439, 04335d33-303, 6486737c-466, d5f0a40e0-83, 6e770c07-515, a3a34f58-516, e4669698-507, 3ea6ab9c-520, 5728cbba-522, 61572dda-525, d571d24f-529, d02a1f730-36, 3a13f0fef-38, 258b1005-547, 5c0e94d1-542, def63bee-546, 19759093-554, c81cb964-557, cfd35df2-618, 45200821-613, 190d0057-627, 95b8c5ac-651, ac2d7318-652, 90843d6f-650, 9fed0f28-654, 48ae0baf-697, 50ed02cb-724, f8869232-753, 8094a853-749, 0aca81a8-803 Latest bonus has been update on 8 Desember 2018, Check your account now! Please double check your valid code you write here.... If you wrong, you will not get a bonus... ^^_^^ Best Multicoins Autofaucet send 14 cryptocurrencies every minute!
Posted 10 months ago, last edited 9 months ago
Try our NEW Multicoins Autofaucet You can earn all 14 cryptocurrencies with auto send feature to faucethub account every minute. You're able to choose all 14 coin types such as BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, DOGE, BCH, ZEC, BTX, BLK, DGB, DASH, PPC, XPM and POT. Features: + Instant withdraw faucet with multi coin supports + Auto faucet with multi coin supports + Adjustable timer for 1-60 minutes for Auto faucet + Sending with time interval between coins + Sending all coins in same time + Increases Daily ABP Bonus system + Claim faucet points per 30 minutes + Dynamic rates based on global coin market cap + Increase bonus for level up + Shortlink + PTC and Time base advertisement + Text Running advertisement + Banner advertisement + Point Mining + Referral affiliate program + Daily rank reward + Weekly lottery ticket + other features coming soon... on Progress + User Settings + PTC Advertiser is READY to USE How to advertise? Please use autosend coin minimum 1x, you can set timer to 1-60 minute Now go to HOME and activate ADITIF CASH, You will receive AC.1000 and can be used to advertise Goto PTC Admin, and set your ad first.. for PTC Ad Statistics: Sorry the PTC ad statistics feature is currently not available and currently under development, Maybe I need at least a week to finish it.. Any question or suggestions? Contact me. Register now and invite your friends to! Use ref.code: 42287fa312-2 to get 1,000 points reward for first time!  Or if you dont want it no problem...^^ You can invite your friend with your ref.code! PROMO:  Login and Get ABP 500 surprise bonus every new features update! Regards, Widhi

RE: Auto Faucet
Posted 1 year ago
Your site cannot access. May be your configuration is wrong...

RE: Hi from New Zealand.
Posted 1 year ago
Welcome to faucethub, This site is micro wallet and we can play games and get crypto currency with free claim from faucet and web mining site. So you can relax and having fun here..^^

RE: 2nd account
Posted 1 year ago
Good info, nice rule. Hope all user enjoy it

RE: Faucets & Autofaucets
Posted 1 year ago
Nice info, good luck bro... All faucet list is good

New Auto Mining Faucet Site for Level Up Speedly
Posted 1 year ago, last edited 1 year ago
Hello all friend, now you can use this web faucet to auto mining and level up, recommended to choose DOGE, DGB, POT, BLK, XPM, BTX or PPC to fast rise up. Auto payout every 10 seconds based on your CPU Power Mining No ads, No PopUp, No PopUnder, No Banner. This system dedicated to coin mining. DOGE is one of the coins recommended for mining, your experience in the faucethub will increase and your level will rise quickly for 24 hours mining. You can leave this page open and check your FaucetHub level will auto rise. Other recommended coin mining for low CPU or mobile device: DGB, POT, BLK, XPM, BTX, PPC. Auto Level Up Mining Faucet here DOGE Auto Mining Faucet DGB Auto Mining Faucet BLK Auto Mining Faucet XPM Auto Mining Faucet POT Auto Mining Faucet BTX Auto Mining Faucet PPC Auto Mining Faucet Others Auto Mining Coin for High End CPU Users BTC Auto Mining Faucet ETH Auto Mining Faucet XMR Auto Mining Faucet LTC Auto Mining Faucet BCH Auto Mining Faucet ZEC Auto Mining Faucet DASH Auto Mining Faucet Yup you can fast level Up with Auto Mining Claim Faucet You can choose Manual claim faucet too..

RE: the easiest way to find best faucets sites with high paying rates
Posted 1 year ago
Wow nice site. Good job!! I like your work