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dogman2017 Level 69

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: ==> King Coins <== THE Real multicoin Faucet
Posted 1 year ago
Hi, have a problem with the log in, every time I use the link comes the message: "Something went wrong, please try again. Click here to try again "........ I always get a new link via email, only it does not work, what can I do ... Many greetings dogman2017 - wolfgang wosch

RE: ►► ◄◄Multicoins Faucet • Games • AutoFaucet • Exchange • Miner+BONUS
Posted 1 year ago
Hello everybody, is at the top of the coin business. I'm almost from the beginning and can not imagine better. prompt payouts, varied, fast captchas ............... many of the other faucets can cut one more slice. Keep it up for hours of fun.

Posted 1 year ago
Hi, does anyone have any experience with the INSTANT PAGES? I try since 2 days to deduct the coins, does not work. do they pay at all or are these pages death?