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Signed up 1 year ago
RE: GR8 PTC Script
Posted 7 months ago
Hello Sorry to say it's super expensive. Especially Bitcoin is going downhill. When checked the price I thought the guy is selling gold bars LOL. 160$ For that script It's a big no. At 20$ I  will have no problem to add it to my website. Earn Bitcoins Now

RE: 💖 Earn Bitcoins Now 💖
Posted 7 months ago
I really like your website and I'm able to earn Satoshi's as I love to do. Thanks so much! Stacy :) Thank you very much! Please note for everyone.  I was mostly offline from FaucetHUB and my website(I did only basic maintenance) due to personal reasons about a month. Now again I have a lot of free time to spend with everyone here or on my website. I missed all of my online-friends here and I feel sorry for not contanting them reguraly. Now I going to introduce new innovative ideas to have fun with everyone on my website.  Also feel free to comment any ideas for my website. 😊 Happy earnings! Earn Bitcoins Now

Free Visitors. Especially for NEW Faucet Owners
Posted 11 months ago, last edited 11 months ago
Hello Faucet Owners!!! Today I decided to add few websites (Faucets) on my Faucet List To put your site need to be a faucet.  It must doesn't have registration. It must give at least 1 satoshi per referral. Payment must be instant It must be a Top-Level Domain Alexa rank: I don't care. I don't have a problem if you have many ad's Just don't overdue. This is good for new faucets or low ranking faucets. On average you will have between 150-200 Clicks / Visitors per day. This is very helpful for starters because I will encouge your site to build a good reputation for free where an average ad network charges 900 Sats per click. Why I do that? Because I want to help people to make Faucets as should be it. Currently most "faucets" are like PTC sites ( scams) with the exception they are paying in Bitcoin and I don't like that. If you are interested please reply your website / faucet below! Your faucet will appear on Faucet List

RE: Why my faucet earning are not shown in a-ads or in
Posted 11 months ago
Hello anyone have  asolution about that when our earning are shown in a-ads or in I have a lot of impression on my ads but still my earning are not shown in these two websites please help me. Dump them Both. Coinmedia its a very tricky website. Personally I consider it near scam.  AA Ad's Doesn't pay well anymore.  There are other websites which paying well even 100k Sats per day 7.40 $ (at the time of the post) 

RE: WallScript V5 - AWESOME GPT Site Script
Posted 12 months ago
 I 'm dissappointed.  I tried to help and support you to make a better script for us here but from what I see, you only want is to grab our money. Also your script 5.0 from what you have told in that thread sounds complete crap.  I no longer support you. I as my review is "Not reccomended" The version 4.x.x Its miles way better and free. The only problem it has is some minor bugs. Regards

Looking for Bitcoin and all Altcoins Images accepted on FaucetHUB
Posted 1 year ago
Hello Everyone!!! I'm looking for various images about Bitcoin and Altcoins which are supported on FaucetHUB. If you find one please post a link to check them. I will try to reward the users if I like the image/images recommended me. Possible rewards: Sent him/her some Satoshis via /tip command. Give him/her a special code to buy something from my shop at big discount. ~~~ IMPORTANT INFO ~~~ DON'T POST IMAGES HERE IT MAY CAUSE COPYRIGHT PROBLEMS ( I will report the reply to the FaucetHUB Staff ) POST ONLY LINK TO THE WEBSITE YOU FOUND IT AND NOT THE ACTUAL IMAGE THE IMAGE MUST BE "COMMERCIAL USE ALLOWED" AND I CAN FIND THE CLAIM ABOUT IT EASILY

RE: 💖 Earn Bitcoins Now 💖
Posted 1 year ago
Great site! This is put together nicely. Also, love all the information about bitcoins, even how to set up your own faucet! Plus, the ads aren't TOO annoying! LOL!!  Hello! I'm having trouble with the Wannads. Two times I use the survey and they won't pay. Also, they ask for my username on Not sure what I should put in for that? I figured out part of my problems! Needed to clean out my internet cache. Then things started working better. Thank you for your good words.  With wannads there is a problem with the Postback links we are trying them to fix them as fast as possible. Please check also are webstore at Earn Bitcoins Now Webstore