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junge Level 51

Signed up 2 years ago
Posted 1 month ago
Post has been deleted 1 month ago

RE: Best Ideas to improve Faucethub
Posted 2 months ago
Hi there! i propose add some democracy and self regulating to our community. Our mods cant moderating chat 24/7 and bots or leechers attack chat time to time. More pity see, they do it, not punished and get rain same as  abiding rules users. I think, we need a vote system. Users, it begins, with determined levels, could have a chat command to report server about rules breaching..After server got some  numbers of reports from different users (10 for examples)  at short time period (1 hr for example) violator should get ban... chat sometimes really turn to garbage dump,  please give us a tool to help our community.. and pity, MD no longer a mod

RE: Some new ideas for FaucetHub that we can share here!
Posted 5 months ago
Hi, Friends!   Newbies asking often "What is the levels system for, is there any benefits of high level?" and, since there is no mining here, except some well known for all trivias the answer in general is "not for anything". So, may be, we need some updates to fix that.. Why levels  can only rise? If we will consider levels, as an additional 'inner coin' (call it EXP for example), we can get a lot of improvements. At first, mods will have a new instrument for forcing users abide the rules - they will can not only set ban period, but decrease the level for rules violators. The low leveled users might become not eligible for rain  - that will be a good motivation for more efforts to earn more and recover their level. Users shall have ability spend their 'level-coins' for some pay inner services, for example for lottery's tickets or free spins in RamboDice, free css or test premium period. For FH it gives a way to attract new clients in gambling, a lot people say: "i never will gamble", but with free tickets i sure they will try. And, for hardened gamble-haters, there could be ability  tip XPM to other users, same way like using other coins, or sell it.    I hope, some of these thoughs,  will be useful for our favorite site   Thanks!