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liraku Level 4

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: - Crypto MMORPG
Posted 2 years ago
Well it is a wonderful MMORPG indeed. You really can win some good money with it. I won 250 sat only for 2 days (1 hour in a day) What i don't like about it, is... that it is very hard to take deuterium (capcha is horrible) that's why you cant use battlezone very often, for a 'war' game not to be able to use battlezone looks kind of not okay After you buy your spaceship you indeed can do jobs without the need of deuterium and win darkmater which then can be exchanged for satoshi so if you are there just for the money the deuterium is not as important as you may think in the beginning Also what i would like to have in this game is the option of exporting darkmater directly in ether i know that you can explore area and win ether but i would want the option of exporting also. username: liraku id: 1:213:9