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Signed up 3 years ago

terrigill / blacknationgh Duplicate FH account / Faucets abuser
Posted 5 months ago
This guy should have his accounts frozen for two reasons: 1. It's the same guy on duplicate accounts: 2. It's a faucet abuser that uses different techniques to cheat and get more money faster: It was first reported by freebcc.orgย  So if you run a faucet, you better ban the **hole: blacknationgh [email protected] bb0ff201fdacc96b35efb2d932236c21 (user_hash) 33ZW6n4Q6B9DXZNAtY4PhhsruZ2WKrwkEx (btc address) LQ48vBgM6YKebUiEc9JPcb95HyaL6yhicW (ltc address) LQ48vBgM6YKebUiEc9JPcb95HyaL6yhicW (doge address) terrigill [email protected] b0d23970ade4f6b754fe584849a12496 (user_hash) 3NwkmY6fWPWLW2wBmfzpbCozRfFNi1F2vV (btc)

Posted 1 year ago, last edited 1 year ago
payments are cleared in batches once fh balance is sufficient. if script tries to pay a certain withdraw and gets a timeout on fh, it happens that it marks the payment as complete but not actually sending anything that's why i have the contact page so i can manually process such erroneous payments when they happen i haven't received any email on this matter recently however, what's your username there?