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mrknoll Level 100

Signed up 1 year ago
RE: - Cryptocurrency earning site
Posted 1 year ago
I've received 1,222 BTC (satoshis) from BitcoinsFor.Me I really enjoy the website, especially the slots. The only thing I have to add is that I wish the information updated better i.e. it says I have 3.80 free slot credits (on user page) but I used them so it should say 0. Also the banner that pops up on slots always does it in the last millasecond before the spin ends and I can't see if I won or lost LOL I don't mind the ads but come on 7/10 I really enjoy the website and they pay.

RE: Shortlinks
Posted 1 year ago
OnlineBee pays directly to FaucetHub. Minimum withdraw to FH is $0.50 

RE: free dogecoin 2-5doge every 120min instant faucethub
Posted 1 year ago, last edited 1 year ago
It would be a good one if this didn't keep popping up:  THIS FAUCET HAS INSUFFICIENT FUNDS TO SEND THE PAYOUT.