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Signed up 1 year ago
Posted 3 months ago, last edited 3 months ago
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RE: Attention Faucet Owners - add this to your faucet site 57 satoshis/minute no caps
Posted 6 months ago
Just helping Andrew out over here, as it looks pretty weird, a level one making a post like this. If some of you have seen the site on some other faucet sites: this is what he is offering. You send your users over to the site, and they watch 6 ten second video, and then you are paid 57 satoshis, and you can integrate rewards for your users with postback. You are paid once/day automatically to your Faucethub account. I have used his service, and been paid from it daily aswell. Hope this helped you!

Posted 9 months ago
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Posted 12 months ago
Thanks! I plan to be adding lots more offerwalls to it for more earning :O OFFERWALL SITE EARN HUNDREDS OF SATOSHIS IN SECONDS!
Posted 12 months ago is a premium faucet site. It offers easy satoshis just for clicking and viewing ads. We currently have PTCwall offerwall, but we plan to be adding more soon  Aswell, there will also be multipliers at random times, to multiply your earnings by 2x-10x :O FAQ: How much can I earn?   There are many ads to easily earn 25 satoshis, in which you view a site for 10-30 seconds. Much better then doing a shortlink If your wanting to go through faster ads, there are many of these:   In which you view a site for 1-5 seconds. More will be added to this thread as it develops. SITE ROATOR, LOADS OF FAUCET, MAKE LOADS!!
Posted 12 months ago
The newest Bitsnack site: It is the "Smooth" rotator, how you use it: A list of faucet sites without shortlinks will be selected, and shown to you. Just claim, then click the next button, etc. Once the list has been gone through, all the timers should have gone off, so it will restart itself and send you to the same faucets again, to claim again. This will continue to loop :) More faucets are added to the site daily for you to claim from.

Posted 12 months ago
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