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Forum category: Giveaways, Airdrops & Free stuff
Posted 16 days ago
Can there be a category added to share airdrops and giveaways? I think overall FH community likes free stuff why not have a subsection for that.

RE: more games suggestion
Posted 1 month ago
Get into dapps, some great oportunities since they are all pretty new. And most of them have ingame blockchain bound items or monster/pets. In chinese markets this is very populair I think as long crypto survives there will always be a market because of that. But some are overall very populair. And you can earn while gaming and gamble and more. And you are directly using cryptocurrency on the blockchain! I have started to add a dapp page to my website. I will soon do some guides on them, at the moment guides to setup metamask and or tronlink are up. If people are interested I might post them here aswell.

RE: [Guide] Bittorent and Tron, earn BTT
Posted 1 month ago
Are you using it? How is it? Please elaborate.... I am using it, I mostly download a few movies every week. I tried the download speed increase which in some moments gave me like 250% faster download speed (Cost me nothing since you get about 300 BTT free) I also tried to seed a bit but I aint that much of a seeder, due to lack of harddrive space so I tend to seed 1 torrent for a few days If bittorrent is even on. But got some BTT not too much.  I think it requires some more growth and more users using the function so there are more seeders or leechers to seed to or leech from. In time I think you will be able to earn more and more. Hope this was helpfull, best you can do is try it out :)

[Guide] Bittorent and Tron, earn BTT
Posted 1 month ago Bittorent and Tron, earn BTT You might have heard it by now, but Tron bought the legendary peer to peer companny Bittorrent. And they launched a new Bittorent client with new functions, and a cryptocurrency token for Bittorrent that runs on the Tron network called BTT. This token can be earned by seeding, or spend by increasing your download speed. To benefit from this you will need to download the new client. You can earn by seeding to other users who have turned on the increase download speed. And you can spend it by downloading faster from those who seed it from the new client. This is very exiting for the adoption of cryptocurrency as Bittorrent has a userbase over 100 million users. And also this will be awesome for those of you who would like to earn a little extra. Now you wont become rich from this but it certainly has its benefits.   Bittorent Client Bittorrent setup guide 1. Simply download the installation file on the link above. 2. Install and open, then select “Bittorrent Speed” 3. Create wallet, and setup A new window should popup, here you will create your wallet. Set a password and safe your wordphrases. 4. Download, Seed and Earn Now if you once the wallet is setup you will see the screen bellow when opening Bittorrent speed. Was this helpfull? Feedback is very welcome, more interesting post @ freebitking

RE: Freebitking Autofaucet is back!
Posted 2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
Added auto number 3 can claim from all three at the same time, happy earnings.

RE: Freebitking Autofaucet is back!
Posted 2 months ago
Any feedback is welcome, Want more faucets? Different coins? Other timer? Let me know

Freebitking Autofaucet is back!
Posted 2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
👑Freebitking Autofaucet👑 Hey everyone, Its been a few day's already. But I would like to inform you that freebitkings autofaucet is back And now there is a second one aswell. So you can earn on both at once. 👑V1: Dogecoin, Tron, Hora, Digibyte, Potcoin👑 3 minute timer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👑V2: Dogecoin, Tron, Hora, Digibyte👑 4 minute timer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👑V3: Dogecoin, Tron, Hora, Digibyte, Potcoin👑 2 minute timer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy earning More Faucets and sites at 👑FREEBITKING👑 trusted faucet since 2017

RE: Freebitking Faucets, Autofaucet & Earning Info **UPDATED**25-11-18**Payout prices raised
Posted 10 months ago
Payout info updated. Also added some more reviews&guides on the website check em out here 

RE: Freebitking Faucets, Autofaucet & Earning Info **UPDATED**27-10-18**
Posted 11 months ago
Added more coins to autofaucet payout. Happy claiming :D

RE: Freebitking Faucets & Earning Info *new*Autofaucet*new*
Posted 1 year ago
Just opened a Autofaucet for Litecoin and Doge, more in the future