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paknu87 Level 84

Signed up 1 year ago
RE: 0.63 doge every 4 minutes GO Claim To FaucetHub!!!
Posted 8 months ago
wow fantastic thanks

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Posted 8 months ago
nice, thank for info. now i can find many good faucet as good as my own. dont forget to claim 100 sat on my faucet

RE: EasyClaim | GetDoges | ExtraDoge | FastDoge dot TK
Posted 8 months ago
good faucet as good as my faucet :)

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Posted 8 months ago
how much minimum reward? my faucet 20sat minimum and 100sat max reward

RE: Battle of Planets card game and faucet
Posted 8 months ago
why take so long time for loading?

Posted 8 months ago
too small and too long wait 30 minutes look mine 5minutes only and get up to 100 sat per claim

RE: OMG The only faucet in the world that pays 100% Ref instant to Faucethub!
Posted 8 months ago
wow thats good

RE: Hi all! You can follow me on twitter
Posted 9 months ago
hi sarah... claim my faucet

RE: Auto Faucet ⚡️ No Shorten Links ⚡️ No Time Expiration ⚡️ No Hidden miner ⚡️
Posted 9 months ago
wow that is good

Posted 9 months ago, last edited 9 months ago Claim now....