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Signed up 2 years ago

RE: [*] Scammed me [With Proof]
Posted 1 year ago
I have just came across this topic and as I own, I want to clarify a few things incase anybody comes across this topic. Firstly, these faucets were set up as instant paying faucets using a dedicated ETH microwallet service called  They showed ETH correctly to 9 decimal places.  They closed down suddenly so I started using  The also showed ETH correctly to 9 decimal places.  They went scam so I had a choice of either closing down my faucets or moving to manual payments while waiting for FH to introduce ETH support.  I decided to keep them open and set them to pay manually when a threshold was reached.  As all my users were used to seeing ETH correctly to 9 decimal places, I kept it that way.  Honestly thought when FH introduced ETH, they would display it to 9 decimal places so saw no issues coming. Months later, FH introduced ETH support but they decided to add it to my surprise to 8 decimal places.  It meant that if I started payments to FH, I would have to change all users balances to show to 8 decimal places .  All my users would be confused and think I was scamming them and think their balance is only 10% of what it was so I decided to keep them paying manually. Now a few months later, ETH fees were going crazy and it became so hard and slow to process them all.  It was also very expensive.  As I had an instant paying ETH faucet, I decided to close down my manually paying ETH faucets and gave users 6 weeks notice, reduced the min withdrawal and allowed users to claim every minute.  Unfortunately I was losing so much money in ETH fees, I had to move over to pay through FaucetHub.  I made an announcement on my faucets, explained the fact FH shows ETH to 8 decimal places and that it will look like I have sent 10% of the amount but in reality it is the full amount.  I also added this to the withdraw page.  Still as this user did here, people accuse me of scamming, not read what I wrote in many places on my site and some users even wished death on my family and me because I only paid them 10% they thought.  Basically I was paying them the full amount yet still being accused as a scammer and was getting threatened for doing nothing wrong. Crazy!!!! I run my faucets seriously and honestly and always have done.  I have been honest with users and spent countless hundreds of dollars to honestly close down my manual paying ETH faucets.  I was losing so much money with fees but I didn't run away.  Even though many ad networks, mircowallets and URL shorteners have scammed me, I didn't run away like them.  This is why I am so annoyed with how everything worked out with these ETH faucets as in no way could they financially continue and due to FH showing ETH incorrectly, I was made to look as a scammer.  If users read the information I gave them it wouldn't be a problem but many users don't and then accuse when things look wrong. I would like to thank all the users that highlighted the inaccuracies in the way FH displays ETH and that I did pay my members. It is much appreciated.