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martman21 Level 98

Signed up 11 months ago SCAM... now; Ponzi scheme made by the same thief
Posted 9 months ago
There are lot of platforms to invest with the promise to double or more in just 50 days or so... Well there was a recent site called (this has being advertised in Faucethub for two continuous days) which I tried with the minimum amount to invest and then earned 10% for the following 2 days, thought "this is so cool!". After the third day, the problem began, the withdraws failed and were saved in pending state. The support desapeared since they send a message to the users saying this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear investors, Let's take a look on the site statistics today. Since our grand launch on Friday, over 30,000 investors have joined our investment platform, with over 2500 bitcoins deposited and more than 400 bitcoins withdrawed. This is undoubtedly a very amazing achievement and we would like to thank you all for your wonderful support. We hope that you are very happy and satisfied from our service. Rest assured, that we will do our best to make BitcoSky the best investment program on the Internet. Please invite all your friends to BitcoSky, promote and advertise the project everywhere you can. Have a great week ahead Best Regards, BitcoSky Team -------------------------------------- After that email, it seems that they ran out with all the investments, I guess. I began to search for information of the people that supposed to be the director: Frank Kari. But he doesn't exist anywhere. No social media, no telegram groups, lot of inconsistencies. I tried to invest knowing the risk, but thinking that it could be as "Doubly" platform, that is working well for months (despite it's another ponzi scheme... realised that recently). But BitcoSky lasted just 3 or 4 days paying... so they scammed a lot of people I guess during that period, and then they disappeared even though the site is still online. Today I found a new platform, EXACTLY the same looking and information displayed, so I took a better look on it, I think is the same guy doing exactly the same scam with a new face... so beware folks. The new site is And this was what I wanted to share, knowing it can help people around. There's so much to learn in the cripto universe.

RE: Best Multicoins Autofaucet send 14 cryptocurrencies every minute!
Posted 10 months ago
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