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boomerang_aide Level 53

Signed up 4 months ago
RE: mining on fh
Posted 2 months ago
I hope there will be a replacement for mining on FaucetHub. This was the greatest way to make exp (the 2nd is Ads, but all the sites out there have various shortcomings, and I can't easily advertise one, also it costs coins, and the 3rd is buying lottery tickets, but that would require more planning to be more efficient, and of course lots of coins)

Posted 4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
You can use these addresses for depositing on FaucetHub (obviously) but also for claiming on faucets. Not a good idea to say to claim on faucets with those addresses. If for some reason the user don't pay attention to the "Deposit Minimum Amounts" popup...

[Obsolete] Mining on another computer
Posted 4 months ago, last edited 29 days ago
[user edit: This was about a previous Mining system that went down. If when you read this, the site has a Mining feature again, it could work on different rules, and the content of this thread may no longer apply. Hi, I'm using my laptop to go on the site and faucets and all. But I was wondering if it would be possible to use my desktop computer to use the mining option of the site. Is it against the rules? Could the fact that both pc have same ip (I think) and access the site at same time cause troubles or bugs? I don't want to take risks, so I'm asking.

RE: PTCWall restricting US citizens?
Posted 4 months ago
I just completed successfully all offers, is it working for everybody now?

RE: PTCWall restricting US citizens?
Posted 4 months ago
It's not working from France either.