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boomerang_fr Level 61

Signed up 6 months ago
RE: Vote to add HORA and/or TRON to Rambo Lotto
Posted 3 days ago
YES I sometimes mentioned on the chat I would have more interest on those if they were added to games. Currently, if I were to acquire a new type of wallet, it would be DOGE. Unplayable coins have no short-mid-term value to me, though I may keep them if I receive them just for collection or a miracle value increase making them tradeable for something good.

RE: Chat bugs: No Chat Mention, possibly not rain hit message too
Posted 24 days ago, last edited 24 days ago
Changing my username restored the Chat Mentions For a reason completely beyond my understanding, it also seems to have restored my ability to start typing a message immediately after clicking an username, while before the input box would not receive focus after such a click. I don't know if rain hit message not appearing is fixed yet, but I will update this message accordingly when I know (can't ask for rain to check earlier lol). edit: rain hit messages appearing again confirmed.No idea why this had stopped working, it doesn't even use username to begin with. Conclusion: the system really has trouble with special characters (this all happened when my "fr" was using the special characters that could be translated into a french flag on some systems).If it's too hard to hunt every little thing that may get broken because of it, maybe the system should reject username choice (both at registration and on name change feature) that contains such characters, extending the rejection that already exist for name request on already used name.

RE: Google Captcha Sucks
Posted 27 days ago
I agree, but not on the AI part. I completely don't believe this is for real, there is definitely no AI or anything behind this stuff. Well I'm on a mutual ban basis with ReCaptcha, so I'm not the most objective lol.

RE: Chat bugs: No Chat Mention, possibly not rain hit message too
Posted 29 days ago
Logging out then back in doesn't work. I will wait a bit more to see if I get an official answer (here or from support ticket), or if my case can help test a bugfix, but after a while, I suppose I will have to try Kyoko solution.

Chat bugs: No Chat Mention, possibly not rain hit message too
Posted 1 month ago
Hi, I've confirmed earlier that I'm no longer receiving any Chat Mention. Also, when robynmartin6 made rain (that is made to hit all users), I didn't see a message saying I got hit in the chat, nor a Chat Mention, but I think I have received the coins. Is the chat code being modified? Is there a bug hitting me? Are there others having similar issues? This topic is there to ask for answers to those questions. Thanks in advance for your participation.

IPV6 partial incompatibility?
Posted 2 months ago
Hi, If I enable ipv6 on my system, FaucetHub ask me for 2FA every day. I'm still looking if there exist a way to have a static ipv6 on my end, but somebody on another forum told me that was a problem on websites end, that they are supposed to use the "prefix", not the "full address". Could you check if there's indeed a technical mistake on how to deal with ipv6 on FaucetHub end?

RE: mining on fh
Posted 4 months ago
I hope there will be a replacement for mining on FaucetHub. This was the greatest way to make exp (the 2nd is Ads, but all the sites out there have various shortcomings, and I can't easily advertise one, also it costs coins, and the 3rd is buying lottery tickets, but that would require more planning to be more efficient, and of course lots of coins)

Posted 6 months ago, last edited 6 months ago
You can use these addresses for depositing on FaucetHub (obviously) but also for claiming on faucets. Not a good idea to say to claim on faucets with those addresses. If for some reason the user don't pay attention to the "Deposit Minimum Amounts" popup...

[Obsolete] Mining on another computer
Posted 6 months ago, last edited 3 months ago
[user edit: This was about a previous Mining system that went down. If when you read this, the site has a Mining feature again, it could work on different rules, and the content of this thread may no longer apply. Hi, I'm using my laptop to go on the site and faucets and all. But I was wondering if it would be possible to use my desktop computer to use the mining option of the site. Is it against the rules? Could the fact that both pc have same ip (I think) and access the site at same time cause troubles or bugs? I don't want to take risks, so I'm asking.

RE: PTCWall restricting US citizens?
Posted 6 months ago
I just completed successfully all offers, is it working for everybody now?