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midjihi Level 67

Signed up 9 months ago
RE: Best Ideas to improve Faucethub
Posted 8 months ago
for your idea with a search button good idea ... maybe also a contact moderator .. it's not all they can see now, could be a fine for low lvl rainleech possibly a mute instead of kick / ban  we also have to teach them and give them a good experience of earning crybto, bitcoin passes the others consist .. have not even found out how to make my chat bigger look at 10cm chat only.  USD amount of each coin totally great in support (weeeee) and everything ... yes great ideas keep up the good works

RE: MoonHash - Hot auto lvl booster
Posted 8 months ago
MoonHash - NEW autofaucet to boost your level. You view ptc ads and get tokens(ATKNs) to run it. Also you get free ATKNs every 30 minutes (autofaucet can run ~1h with this).  - Claim easy - run for hours! Next updates planed : Extra ways to earn ATKNs (shortlinks + miner) Some casino games ?! Auto claim multiple coins in same tab Post your username and get 1000 tokens bonus midjihi