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pwyller Level 19

Signed up 10 months ago
RE: coinbase wallet
Posted 7 months ago
Had the same problem - their support didn't really offer a solution. One the plus side, they gave me 50 USD for free! -pwyller

Posted 7 months ago
That's too bad - I've been using them for ages earning about 0.00018 BTC a week in interest. -pwyller

Newbie Help Thread
Posted 7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
Okay, I'm a newbie.  I have a couple of faucets; one self-hosted and one FaucetHero.  But, while I am getting claimants, I'm getting zero ad dollars and no shortlink revenue...  What is the secret here?  Anyone willing to help with the best ad network, shortlinker, or other way to earn from faucets, gets a hefty tip Thanks -pwyller

RE: For Newbie, here some tips for you
Posted 7 months ago
Okay, I created a couple of faucets, people are starting to visit, but, so far, no revenue from my ad network or shortlinks (even though they show visitors)... What's the secret?  What is the best ad network to use? The best shortlinks? Any help would be great (I tip big )! -pwyller

Anybody heard anything about hashlabs?
Posted 7 months ago
Their site went poof.