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RE: A crypto gambling site without the high risk
Posted 1 day ago
mpaglametsos and - Thanks for your help guys :D!. I'll forget about the gambling idea. Yah no deposit is a great idea!. For few weeks now I was making something extra to add to my faucet site. Members will complete offers (There will be ptc ads) from offerwalls for coins to play guess game to win few pennies but there will be crypto earn limits like on my faucet. I should also add lotto. It's only a simple script because I don't know allot of web programming. My game will be live soon. I was discourage from the negative reviews about some popular offerwall networks which is why I was thinking that the only way i can be sure that i'll get money is when members deposit.

Posted 3 days ago
*after* ? lmao I caught that too LMAO!.

A crypto gambling site without the high risk
Posted 3 days ago
Hi everyone, I'm thinking of having a site like a head and tail (might not be possible if allot of money isn't coming in) or lotto that lets members deposit up to $100 per month because I don't want it to be a gambling site that lets people lose all of their savings. I don't really like gambling much but the world is tough out here. Anyway, I don't want to make someone suffer so that I can have a better life. My question is, will any government think that this isn't a gambling site because of these limits?. License are expensive.

RE: what is the best bitcoin faucet site
Posted 15 days ago, last edited 15 days ago
Hi, I have a bitcoin faucet site: My site also shows a list of faucets. Sometimes I'll make payouts high for a short time to celebrate holidays like Christmas :D.

RE: about
Posted 20 days ago, last edited 20 days ago
do i have any chance at all to get my coins, do day ban you for life or for some months at least they could let me get my coins.  That's sad to hear. If they are nice and understanding then they'll probably let you come back. In most cases people who are banned get their balances reset (Im speaking in general. I don't know anything about that site.).

RE: How to transfer money directly to a Faucet Hub wallet?
Posted 20 days ago, last edited 20 days ago
Hi, follow these directions: user -> user dashboard -> deposit. In deposit click show bitcoin address because you need this address to send bitcoins to your faucethub wallet. There is a minimum deposit shown there. If you go lower than the minimum deposit, you won't receive your bitcoins and they won't give you a refund. More info is in help section. If you don't have a private wallet, you can download desktop wallets like electrum and exodus (has over 100 currencies and free exchange but they don't exchange small amounts of money). I like to deposit my canadian money into a bitcoin atm machine (check if these machines are in your area). I take a pic of the address code in my electrum bitcoin wallet and use that to get bitcoins at my bitcoin atm machine. My bitcoin atm has BTC, LTC, ETH, and BCH.

RE: Quick survey
Posted 1 month ago
Hi im from Quebec. I wish that I was from Ontario because it's hard to get a job without French....

RE: Pay for ads with all or most currencies.
Posted 1 month ago
Oh that would be a good idea!

RE: Can bots bypass maintenance mode?
Posted 1 month ago
are you sure he is a bot? if the user has referrals his referrals ip also added to his ip. example from my faucet: Hi omg i think you're right about his ref ip being added to his. in my script i see that he has 50 something refs. I took off all of the addresses i banned from all my faucets. Thank you so much. I feel so bad for this mistake.

Posted 1 month ago
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