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Signed up 4 months ago SCAM or LEGIT?
Posted 15 days ago
Does anyone received a payment from I am hearing day by day of accounts closed for "Fake traffic" at the withdrawal request, so please if anyone has received a payment or got banned without a reason, tell us, so i can remove their ADs from my site if something is wrong.

RE: Is Scam or Not?
Posted 1 month ago
Dear, if you can detect intelligent Ad-blockers and ban people who uses theme, you can also block theme from claiming instead of banning and send a notice to disable it or they wont be able to claim, that's also a good strategy to increase your traffic and earnings instead of banning. Every site owner knows it and i think you are just using an excuse to ban people instead of paying, also consider that there are browsers like Firefox that already comes with po-up blocker installed and tehre are tons of tricks to close your pop-ups before they even charge, just press "ctrl+W" as soon as the new window pops and it will get closed automatically without loading content and obviously you don't get impressions. However, as a faucet owner, I am happy if you ban people, because more people you ban, more people will lead to other faucets.

Posted 2 months ago
Having a faucet with 35k min withdrawal on a MICROPAYMENT WALLET is a big red flag, i abandoned Coinpitply "BETA" (don't forget it's two years they are keeping it beta, that means they can close tomorrow without any advice) and i am not coming back, i use only direct payment faucets or faucets that have low min withdrawal, all others? I Consider scams, they count on the fact that you will get tired before reaching 35k and you will go away. 

RE: AVOID ALLCOINS.PW at All Costs: They Don't Pay and They Don't Respond.
Posted 2 months ago
All i can say is that they are paying me every withdrawal NOW! But there was a time where i also missed a payment and i could not contact theme, because the contact module in their homepage says: "This form is only for non-members, if you are a member use chat instead or you will get banned", RIDICOULUS! i tried for 3 days and in chat there were no mods, no admins.

RE: Scam site
Posted 2 months ago
I reached the payout on that site of 100k satoshi and i never got payed, once you ask for withdrawal an automatic message says you have to buy a premium chest that increases your reward. Basically they want you to enter in the ponzi brown scheme to pay you. There are thousands of red flags: -100000 min withdrawal is insane, a way to descourage people to reach that treeshold -No captcha, no solvemedia, no 2FA -You can buy referrals for 1500 satoshi. LOL? Buy referrals? Every site owner is there to give you free referrals that makes you earning interests -Ponzi scheme inside those are just some of the red flags that should make you thinking about that.