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laszek Level 55

Signed up 2 years ago
RE: MoonHash - Hot auto lvl booster
Posted 8 months ago
Great job username: laszek warning
Posted 9 months ago
Hi Today I lost whole my earnings at I saw on history that someone convert whole coins to tokens and play for fun until lost everything. It’s sad because I save my earnings at this microwallet because I trusted them, and today someone logged from different ip and that’s it. I wrote to support but they didn’t answer and I don’t think they will. So everyone who have coins at - change your password to secure your earnings. All the best

Posted 1 year ago
Post has been deleted 10 months ago

RE: ==> King Coins <== THE Real multicoin Faucet
Posted 1 year ago
Is it possible to withdraw in different coin or only in BTC? 

RE: WoW! Faucet Multicoin Faucet-Dice-Lotteries-Lists
Posted 1 year ago
hi i can't withdraw balance in any other coins, only in BTC. When i'm trying to withdraw in LTC there is javascript problem. On other site was the same problem when tried to withdraw, but in BTC wasn't problem. please fix it thanks :)

RE: FREEBITCOIN.WIN :: MultiFaucet / Games / WebMiner / Bonuses / PTC ADS / PROMO!
Posted 2 years ago
ID: 3559 thanks