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Services Discontinued

Services at have been discontinued as of 10th December 2019

On December 10th 2019 the majority of services were discontinued, leaving just the chatbox and basic access to the dashboard. This was a decision we were made due to the rise of Crypto-Currency regulation in various countries. From 31st January 2020 we have decided to close access to the dashboard and users will no longer be able to login, signup or create a support ticket on the platform.

What happens next?

We are hard at work on the development of a new platform aimed to provide users with unique ways to continue earning free Bitcoin. We will be migrating user data (usernames, emails) to the new platform so that once it's ready you do not need to register a new account and will be able to use it right away.

Periodic updates and information on the platform can be found on the Discord, so make sure you join to avoid missing out.

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