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Level 48 - Interactive Bitcoin Game/Faucet
Posted 9 months ago
WEBSITE: What is Chopcoin? Chopcoin is an interactive Bitcoin faucet, combining crypotocurrency with a competitive multiplayer game. This means you can win some Bitcoin by playing with other players for free. Furthermore Chopcoin is a community of cryptocurrency enthusiast and you are rewarded for participating. We aim to provide beginners with a challenging fun experience to learn about Bitcoin and own their first Satoshi (smallest denomination of Bitcoin – 0.00000001 Bitcoin). How do I win Bitcoin? Play in the playground. Here you compete with other players and might win some Bitcoin based on your skill. You compete with other players for a fixed period of time after which the round ends and the top 15 players win Bitcoin according to their rank. Afterwards a new round starts and you can try your luck again. How does the game work? The game is intuitive and more easily understood by playing than by reading. Familiarize yourself with the controls (Mouse to move, W to eject mass, hold Q to flood mass, Space to split) and figure it out yourself. Basically it comes down to growing in size by hovering over the colorful food, eating smaller players than yourself, don’t getting eaten by bigger players than yourself and avoiding the bombs.
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RE: - Interactive Bitcoin Game/Faucet
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