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New Doge Faucet, Help Me Get Started :)

Posted by jcrawford 4 months ago
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New Doge Faucet, Help Me Get Started :)
Posted 4 months ago
I have just started this faucet and would appreciate claims :) As I get more DOGE the payouts will increase.
RE: New Doge Faucet, Help Me Get Started :)
Posted 4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
Not sure if it will help you any, but here are my 5 cents. First of all there's a bug in the return from the shortlink, instead of getting back to your Doge faucet and paying, it redirects to a Monero faucet and doesn't pay. But then, it doesn't really matter, because you pay 0.0005 Doge per claim with a 2% chance to win 0.01 Doge. Now even if one would always get 0.01 Doge per claim, that's still only $0.00025, or 0.025 cents, meaning it takes 40 claims to make a penny and that's a value literally nobody would find worth the time. I know you said you will increase payout, but starting from this extremely low value, I doubt you will increase your payout 2000 times, where for me personally anything below 1 Doge per claim isn't worth my time. Furthermore, you're basing your faucet on a shortlink, which cannot work. There are 1000s of bankrupt faucets out there, who all tried to make money with shortlinks, but the ones who survived you can count on one hand. Not because users wouldn't claim, but because shortlinks don't pay. To be precise, any given shortlink will pay the same IP a given amount of times per day, but there are 1000s of faucets out there, all competing for the very same shortlinks, which obviously means the vast majority of faucet owners doesn't get paid by their shortlinks, simply because the users are using the same shortlink on some other faucet already. You can be lucky for a short while if you find a brandnew shortlink service that nobody else knows about yet, but it takes at best a few days until other faucet owners learn about it and the shortlink you are using is so widely known, chances to get paid from that are next to zero. You could get paid by your shortlink if you would make it to the #1 spot of the favorite faucet of the majority of users, so almost all users will use your faucet before any other, but to get to that would require a vast investment of high paying faucet claims to attract the users.
RE: New Doge Faucet, Help Me Get Started :)
Posted 3 months ago
Support my faucet too,get dogecoins here