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Posted by jcrawford 4 months ago
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New FO Questions
Posted 4 months ago
Hello Everyone, I have just started a few faucets and may start more (or write my own custom one), however, I have a couple of questions. How can I best monetize from my faucet?  I am currently using which is nice and simple but using the shortlink provider I have was only paying out $1.00 and I have since switched to one that pays $3.  With that said though I am noticing that they limit your number of views per day per ip.  The one I just switched to allows 8 views per day per ip and then they stop paying for the views.  The users of my faucet may very well go through the shortlink process 20x in a given day but I only receive credit for 8.  Is this typical of short link providers? Is there more that I can do in order to monetize from these faucets because currently I am rewarding more than the shortlinks are paying which does not make any sense to me but I know I need to have decent rewards to gain traction and attention. Any feedback would be appreciated.
RE: New FO Questions
Posted 4 months ago
How many should I be using?  FaucetHero makes it hard to test the short link because I have to remove all and put the one I want to test in place.  I have found that a lot of them fail to verify the shortlink. I am trying to figure out how to better monetize from this because currently my XMR faucet has paid out $0.09 but the shortlink revenue is only $0.02 and well that's the wrong direction :) . I know it's only pennies and I plan to put some cash into this myself to get off the ground as it is a new faucet but it cannot sustain itself like that.