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Posted by 88fangtastic 5 months ago
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Posted 5 months ago
Good day all. I want to introduce myself. I am a faucet addict. I find myself waking in the night just to do a manual claim lolol. Anyways, i run a small youtube channel trying to show new people how to do manual and auto faucets. Two to three times a week i do a faucet video and put up new links. Today i did a vid to try and promote more new users towards faucethub as well as a few owners sites. Nobody has asked me to do this, i do it on my own because the site itself deserves it. For safety purposes i don't post the link in here. If your interested in having your faucet shown, just come to the channel and start a chat with me. I'm 88Fangtastic and my channel is Mightiest Helmutz.