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Sure fire way, to actually see gains within first week (and it only gets better with time)

Posted by wontonbitcoinjohn 5 days ago
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Sure fire way, to actually see gains within first week (and it only gets better with time)
Posted 5 days ago
SO rule number one DONOTGAMBLE. first website is a multi faucet, which gives daily claim bonuses, up to 30 percent/ 30 days login and claim, and also has (75 A day) separate no time claiming bonuses. Now since im going to sit down a process i would appreciate if you used my referral addresses, as it does not harm you in anyway, and im sure you would like referrals one day too. So this first one  now the key is to claim the same thing from bonus and reg faucet to maximize id say go for zec, or monero, after you do the regular 15 min claim, go hit the bonus links until it tells you you need to to claim from the regular faucet again., should take about an hour to two to run throughall the bonus claims, keep the website up so you can grab from the 15 min faucet and head on over to the next site. Also a multifaucet (one of my faves) now this one lets you only claim one currency every 4 mins, but the cool thing is that it also has an autofaucet that you recharge by looking at a captcha. So while youre waiting 4 mins for each claim, ill hit that captcha for the auto faucet twice and you can build it up like keep adding to it i believe up to 100 times. and also claim the regular faucet every 4 mins (again i say zec and monero but really just try and keep it universal throughout all the sites) Next site this is literally the easiest, every 5 mins you solve one simple captcha, save up enough tokens and withdraw as whatever, even has some ptc sites daily for bonus! This next one you claim once an hour but you could get a massssive ammount like whole coins! It also has a web miner for overnights,                                             after a couple days withdraw everything you got to faucet hub, SELL IT FOR BTC And you should be able to withdraw btc from there. NOW after your withdraw i suggest putting it into, as this is an hourly faucet, and they add a 4 percent apr onto your daily ammount over 30k satoshi NOW REMEMBER RULE NUMBER ONE NO GAMBLING! ILL make a copy of this incase something goes wrong just hit me back up.