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Posted by collectorfaucet999 6 months ago
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Hora token
Posted 6 months ago
i want to know more about the token because i have problem with tronlink i want to add my token for exchange on faucet hub but they say i can t because i haven t trx but i send trx to my deposit wallet on faucethub i don t understand it s about exchange of 1275 token sorry i m new on this .
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RE: Hora token
Posted 6 months ago
i just sold my 7 HORA coin for 49 satoshi within a second, i don't think tron is required for buying and selling HORA in faucethub Making a sell order will always give you the current rate on CoinGecko in BTC worth. Making a buy order will give you less or more coins, using the same CoinGecko rate.