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Big Announcement, please read

Posted by mexicantarget 2 years ago
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RE: Big Announcement, please read
Posted 1 year ago
How exactly is this a ponzi scheme or a scam?  If people want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a collectible then that is their prerogative. Just because you know what it is does not change the fact that at it's core concept is a mathematically proven ponzi scheme. Didn't you ever play any kind of trading card game as a kid?  Most people bought the cards just to have them, and not as an investment looking to make more money. Those cards were actually fun and actually were unique. They had many purposes, such as playing games, tournaments, fantastic artwork, rules and regulations, franchises, communities and all sorts else. If people were trying to use this app as an investment vehicle thinking they just buy the card and someone will buy it back from them then they are idiots who deserve to lose their money. It's unfortunate to say but half the world is like this. That's why we have Mc Donalds coffee cups that say "CAUTION! IT MIGHT BE HOT" written on the side of it, and milk cartons have "may contain traces of milk" on the back. The sad reality is, this is half if not more of Crypto right now. The recent Bitcoin rally and Bitconnect brought in so much new blood to the scene that really don't know what they are getting into. Why does everything in crypto need to be viewed as an investment?  Why can't you just buy something stupid as a joke so you can meme on the internet? Life is an investment. Time is an investment. Thinking is an investment. Everything in our brain is run off of ROI (Return on investment). How can Crypto be any different? Car dealerships are ponzi schemes.  They sell you a car worth $50,000 that immediately depreciates in value...  then they buy it back from you used for $10,000 and resell it for $22,000. Based off this statement alone I can tell you don't know what a ponzi scheme is. A ponzi scheme has one fundamental attribute: you get trapped. When you hold part of the ponzi scheme chain your holding does not depreciate at all, it vanishes to nothing. Because in reality it actually is worth nothing. When you buy a car for $10k can you sell it for $20k as a consumer? Can the next person sell it for $40k? Then the one after that for $80k? I didn't think so. When you buy a car for $10k then no sh*t it's gonna be worth less. But here's the thing, how would you feel if you could not sell that car for less than $20k? You just have to hope that some poor sucky get's roped into wanting it or you're stuck with it. That would hurt wouldn't it? The extra value can be in the form of enjoyment, utility, sentiment, or whatever else. Well that's fine by me, you can stare at your card's twitter profile image for as long as you like. I mean, it's not like you can do that on Twitter's website or anything, nope. Also unless you have proof that the people behind Allstars were going to shut down the site and exit-scam everyone in the future you actually enabled the ponzi scheme to happen by shutting it down yourself. The proof is in the contract from day one. I'm sorry, but math does not lie however sugar coated it might be. Eventually when you run out of Twitter profiles that people will buy then what next? Card holders are stuck with a $15k debt and they suddenly come running and demanding they get their money's worth. Every one of these schemes collapses eventually and someone always gets shafted, it's just a matter of when. At least if the site was still operational people would have access to the items they purchased Items? What items? Do you know what you actually bought? A tiny spot inside an array of addresses on the Eth blockchain. The last I checked I could pick and choose how much I sell an item that I owned for. If I buy an item worth $10 and I no longer want it, I can sell it for $8 easily, or even $9 if it's still new, or hey even $1 if I wanted. But you cannot do that here. Once you purchase a card you are forced to sell it at +25-50% it's value. In the real world of collectibles this is just not what happens. To round this off, you can argue as much as you want that you might just want the cards, but let's face it: you might be the only one who does and 90% are in for the quick easy flip and take the risk. The card's are useless data which is available free on a public website ( Collectibles hold value, but these don't. They still depend on the main cryptoallstars website being around forever otherwise you suddenly hold nothing again. The site just shows you the current prices from the blockchain data and makes it pretty. With or without the website, what you own does not change. A real collectible item is a coin or a token, which even if the blockchain completely dies you still hold your private keys of your wallet. Well said sir, doubt there can be any comeback from that. Thank you for everything you do for us.
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RE: Big Announcement, please read
Posted 11 months ago
Thank you so much for saving us from loosing tons of money. You are the best site owner i have ever seen.
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RE: Big Announcement, please read
Posted 5 months ago, last edited 5 months ago
Thanks for the advice.