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Earn satoshi by guessing numbers

Posted by file8 1 month ago
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Earn satoshi by guessing numbers
Posted 1 month ago, last edited 29 days ago
Guessing numbers faucet. Guess number from 1 to 100 , reward 10 satoshi every 60 min.
RE: Earn satoshi by guessing numbers
Posted 1 month ago
LOL, just Login using my address... and i've see, what? That i allready i have claimed? And.. if i was claim, why my Balance shows 0? hahhaha Balance 0 Satoshi  Rewards: 10 Satoshi every 120 minutes You have already claimed in the last 120 minutes. You can claim again in 120 minutes. What a joke... i was intended to say that 10 every 2 hours, is extremely low ammount, not because of the ammount, but because it is every 2 hours, most of the people after of 2 hours, dont even remember where it was and what site is what and in what domain (all domains, reminds the same things, bitcoin, satoshi etc which is not usefull when someone tries to remind a good site and cant remember what it was cause of the same names). 2 hours? And.. i allready have claimed? Seriously? With 0 Balance? ahhaahah 
Level 152
RE: Earn satoshi by guessing numbers
Posted 30 days ago
now the site has been closed
RE: Earn satoshi by guessing numbers
Posted 29 days ago
it was a configuration error.Very funny ha ha ha......
RE: Earn satoshi by guessing numbers
Posted 27 days ago, last edited 27 days ago
Ok, it seems a nice idea to fight Bots from claiming unauthorized instead for claims made by humans, even for more refreshes and more views to your advertisments, but you need to re-balance your advertisments, you need to have less ads for more refreshes, or bigger earnings etc, but the point wasnt just like this. Even if you do have a nice system to prevent unauthorized claims by Bots, when someone tries to Withdraw, you use Shortlink for approval? I mean LOL.. a Shortlink for Withdraw? Is this a seriously and more over a logic excuse for this? NO! Even if you are think one... none will ever respect that, because allready use a system for multiple refreshes, multiple steps to claim, and the claims are still worked by a Captcha aswell. You make enough by those Ads.. you DONT need that step for more, because a Shortlink to that particular think, isnt like you Respect your users, is like you want to make us literally struggling untill you can make more and more and more! Isnt respected at least by me for sure.