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Posted by man.dbjar0 4 months ago
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Posted 4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
So  i was going to post this on the playground but since it does get used for endorsements I thought Ide post it here (sorry for all the old timers but some times i think my Random are PRETTY  cool, so "bare with" is appreciated): "I think the problem with the captcha here is this chat is like equity and announcing tips and rains Is obnoxious. Because not all even pay attention anyways. " Anyhow the focus when mentioning it originally I was thinking about how the discussion of empty post and yada yada have been aa non stop debate. Not that I disagree with enforsing through the chat box at all and appreciate poise to my own game if being honest. At least, if geared towards multi logging retards the fare ( fair*) players, I think the proagenda is a little counter productive. So thats the point I inteded on making and again apolgies to have to act so like retard. or inhibbit.... FH! **if pronounced correcty - typos and am I am a sarcastic one