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New ethereum based game in the style of mitosis

Posted by jomzkie 8 months ago
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New ethereum based game in the style of mitosis
Posted 8 months ago
Ethereum based game in the style of mitosis.  With free 100 LOOT token as you sign-up.  1 LOOT = 0.0001 ETH  Your goal – Eat others cells, but avoid being eaten by them.  You get their ETH and mass when you consume them.  You move in the direction of the mouse cursor.  You can eat players with less mass than you have.  To grow mass, eat tasty dots that are on the map or smaller players.  Within 15 seconds after the start, you have the immunity of being eaten, but you also can not eat enemies at this time.  You can smash player via green viruses.  To do this you must shoot green viruses in the direction of the movement by feeding them your mass with W key.  If it hits other players, they will disintegrate into small pieces.  Use the division of yourself (by pressing SPACE BAR button) to catch up other players or run away from them.  To take your ETH, you press EXIT button and stay alive for 20 seconds on the map. This game requires erc20 wallet. You can create at MYETHERWALLET if you don't have yet. To anyone interested PM me to ask for the link