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Posted by buayadrt 5 days ago
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Posted 5 days ago, last edited 5 days ago
Win Bitcoin with Bpal Wallet REGISTER FOR USE OF HP NUMBER LINK: 1. Enter mobile number 2. Enter the code "243TA3" to get 0.0001-0.001 BTC 3. Press verify then enter the OTP code 4. then click sign up 5. download the apk on the playstore "BPAL wallet" 11MB 6. then log in 7. After that, make a wallet or backup wallet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. masukan no handphone 2. masukan kode "243TA3" untuk mendapatkan 0.0001-0.001 BTC 3. tekan verify lalu masukan OTP kode 4. lalu klik sign up 5. download apk di playstore "BPAL wallet" 11 mb 6. lalu login 7. setelah itu buat wallet atau backup wallet
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Posted 5 days ago
How can i find like this offers ?
Posted 2 days ago
your code is incorrect