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Past Nick/Username's at Profile

Posted by mdshare 23 days ago
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Past Nick/Username's at Profile
Posted 23 days ago, last edited 23 days ago
Another suggestion for the User profile It would be nice to see or be able to see past usernames/nicknames at the User Profile Why ? A nickname change is way to easy done and can or could hide any past 'bad' .... Users could do their own Due Diligence right at Faucethub to see if the User had other 'failed' faucets at his/her nickname as often a domainname is used as nickname. Being able to see past nicknames would reveal this.  Example of why it could be beneficial for the community to see past nicknames User nickname faucet-1.tld  The user with faucet-1.tld halts the payout or stops doing any payouts Usernickname changes to  So being able to track past nicknames as a faucethub user could help in preventing the not so good faucet owners.... to many use free hosting as free domains (the .tk tld for instance) so for them it doesn't cost them anything, they have no investment in their past as future faucets. Recent example Nickname promoting the website at chat and finding small investors at Faucethub 1 month later the owner of 369financegroup ran off with 0.34 BTC he gathered from people  Nickname changed at Faucethub to (mod crypto_womble knowns the nickname already reported) New nickname is again active in chat as nothing has happened edit: the recent example nickname already changed again nickname, new scam ongoing at a discord server goal this time of the scam artist is 2.5 BTC to get as so called 'fake' trader
RE: Past Nick/Username's at Profile
Posted 22 days ago
thanks mdshare... i can only share my own personal thoughts .   First on the example,  We dont allow users to promote investment scams in chat so if we had seen someone doing this they would have been banned .  I realize of course that we can miss some things so i understand that this could have happened.   Whenever possible we also try to caution users from investing on such sites .      As far as activity that may be occurring in a discord chat , we would have no way of exercising any control over that .   We certainly cant punish someone here for something they are promoting on discord.   That being said ,  if you or anyone has knowledge of the activities of a user that may be impacting FH or its users it might be good to send that information to staff here for our awareness. ,  and so activity here on site can be monitored more closely.     Yes , there certainly are instances when it would be good to know the past usernames of a user , but in some cases a user has changed their username for very personal reasons and for their own self protection.   Their reasons may be valid and have nothing to do with hiding anything bad.   We need to protect their right to do this.    Again , I think I would just encourage any big concerns about any user here be brought to the attention of staff and we can monitor or admin can look deeper.    Well, thats my own two cents , anyway...    
RE: Past Nick/Username's at Profile
Posted 22 days ago, last edited 22 days ago
I totally understand that, I wasn't a victim I actually fought the person in chat who was trying to lure FH users. It was just and idea/proposition to be able to see past nicknames. Thanks for your input. Therefor my previous feature suggestion comes back into play if above is not possible, the report user function.
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RE: Past Nick/Username's at Profile
Posted 21 days ago
I definitely agree that both options have their own unique set of merits as well as drawbacks. Maybe there's a sweet spot somewhere in between... perhaps a short probationary period in which a previous nickname is shown on a user's profile, after which it disappears. Or it could be level-based, where previous nicknames are only shown on profiles of users below a certain level .. if they change their nickname after reaching that level, the previous nickname would never be displayed. This would increase the amount of work required by a scammer without jeoparding anyone's safety... if you've gotta change your nickname to ensure your self protection immediately after arriving here, either you're doing it wrong or the scammers are having a big impact — if it's the latter, the scammers are having a big impact and to finish  the previous nickname tool would be a useful tool to have to help prevent it... and yes, I'm finishing with that bit of circular reasoning lol. Sarc