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CCRB referral scam - stay AWAY

Posted by spart111 7 months ago
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CCRB referral scam - stay AWAY
Posted 7 months ago a referral ponzi scheme cryptocurrency scam which never intended on paying back ANY "referral commission".  The scammers invested NOTHING in development of their shitcurrency, but invested quite a bit into marketing... ...and used their followers like tools. The harder one worked to promote CCRB hoping for a payout, the less the person's chances of earning ANYTHING became.  That, in addition of greed (organising a SECOND ROUND OF ICO WHEN CCRB WAS ALREADY TRADED ON EXCHANGES), screwing people over, lying in their T&Cs, lying lying lying... ...gave us the chance to expose the scammers for what they are. We brought the price of the coin down quite significantly... ...but it is still traded (sadly). Do NOT BUY CCRB, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THESE SCAMMERS SAY.  Full development of the story, proof & more can be found on our blog (signature).