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Dissolution Blockchain Sci-Fi mmorpg

Posted by 3 months ago
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Dissolution Blockchain Sci-Fi mmorpg
Posted 3 months ago
Dissolution is an FPS MMORPG set in the year 2418. After a devastating war of extinction against the AI, the United Space Front desperately tries to recoup their losses and regain control of the solar system. There is ample opportunity for anyone in the vacuum of power and space. Whether you want to fight for humanity or abandon it, there is a chance for you to make your mark in history!    The economy side of the game is backed with a blockchain. This enforces truly finite and limited resources, as well as allowing players to trade privately outside of our marketplace, even though our marketplace is completely free of any fees or charges. All items in the game world are finite and limited in quantity with the exception of some consumables which will not be tokenized, such as ammo, water, food, etc.  Weapons are unique as they are ERC 721 Tokens, Every Token is unique because the guns evolve and change based on how you play which affects its stats.  Join the Official Discord Channel to claim collectible pre-alpha, limited edition items!! Released December 13 6pm Pacific Time. Im not affiliated with the game or the developers in anyway.  I am just helping to promote their game with their permission. :-)