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It's Holiday season ! What can you buy with BTC !

Posted by mdshare 6 months ago
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It's Holiday season ! What can you buy with BTC !
Posted 6 months ago, last edited 6 months ago
The Holiday season is here, so lets see what we can do with our bitcoins we gathered from faucets during the year... Diamonds ,Gold, Jewelry Diamonds are everyone’s best friend. If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, you might consider loose diamonds and gold ingots from REEDS Jewelers. They are the first jeweler to accept Bitcoin payments and will also provide free armored transport on orders of $25,000 or more. You can purchase any item on their website or in their stores with BTC, but just for fun you should pick up a bag of loose diamonds and gold ingots for BTC just to see them shine bright in the moonlight. Or a 14 carat gold chain is not exactly the most interesting or fun thing to buy with Bitcoin, but it represents the golden value of blockchain technology. Allurez Diamonds & Fine Jewelry understands that Bitcoin is at the top of the crypto food chain and will let this go for BTC. Time flies in the crypto world and time is money. On the one hand Bitcoin trades for $19K, and on the second hand it dips to $4K in no time at all. Overstock knows what time it is, and they accept Bitcoin. They sell brand new timepieces for way more ticks than I’m willing to tock on a watch, but you can pick up a decent pre-owned Rolex in the neighborhood for a few BTC before it’s too late. Alienware Gaming PCs If you are a tech head or game junkie, you may already be mining cryptos for yourself. If so, you know a powerful computer when you see one. You may also know that Newegg accepts Bitcoin and has a respectable electronics department. Alienware has been making some damn nice Area 51 boxes for years that focus on fast graphics processing speeds. Leave your MMORPG boss raid campaign partners in the dust when you scream through your 3D virtual world of choice behind the wheel of this monster rig for about 2 BTC. Charter a yacht See the world in style! The ship has sailed on fiat only transactions with Yacht Base and they now accept Bitcoin. They allow you to charter a yacht for one-way and round trip travelling in the following must-visit destinations: Caribbean, Croatia, Greece, & Italy. Do us a favor when you are boating around the Caribbean and let out a nice, long Aaaaaaargh. Tackle this opportunity in the wide range of about 0.25 a week up to 5 BTC. For the musicians among us A deal for any violin enthusiast. 3Dvarius accepts Bitcoin and will custom print and engrave a pretty neat looking violin with either 4 or 5 strings. Their most elegant model is a high-end electric concert violin with no bells and whistles… because it’s a violin. You can order this from their website for about 2 BTC. Buy anything you want online or in stores with a Prepaid Crypto Visa Debit card Wirex knows how difficult it is to spend your crypto's in store's even as they have the accepting bitcoin sticker on their windows... Get a Wirex Prepaid Debit card and buy whatever you want with your crypto's from chocolate to ...  next to that you get rewarded for each spend you do in a store with the Cryptoback™ feature which is similar as VISAs cashback, for each spend you will get a % back in satoshi's.
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RE: It's Holiday season ! What can you buy with BTC !
Posted 6 months ago
Awesome article... It would be nice to expand the idea.. There is a site that you could add from Canada. You pay your  household bills in a variety of coins. Then for the UK some estate agents are now accepting bitcoin and shops are now allowing online shoppers to pay for groceries with them.... I would use links for UK if you hunt them down. Keep up the search and keep up informing us :D