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Index General Talk Scam Accusations is now pending 3days and more.

Posted by netigen 2 months ago
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Level 25 is now pending 3days and more.
Posted 2 months ago
And didn't answer any support either. I withdraw pivx and ltc but nothing happens both
RE: is now pending 3days and more.
Posted 2 months ago
Althub doesnt worth, doesnt worth your time.. either your pending days to be completed your withdraw... why? Let me explain you one simple thing.... when i have allready collecting 52 Reddcoins and request a withdraw for that... i was waiting almost 2 weeks to be completed, when the minimum withdraw its about to just 1 Coin for example, dont remember how much is, but is a small ammount. That means, 2 things... 1st he doesnt have that coins and needs to Buy some in order to send my withdraw... and it seems that he was waiting for a better price to buy, ok. i can accept that, 2st i cannot accept that 52 Reddcoins back then doesnt worth more then 4/5 cents of a dollar... which is only a few claims of regular Bitcoin faucets here and there i was collecting those Reddcoins for almost a month! Sooo.. yes, bye bye AltHub.  Some faucet owners are simply, Greedy, 1st of all they give a very tiny small ammount, when they allready paid by multiple times higher per shortner link, then... we must wait 1/2 weeks in order to buy their balances in better prices and save even from that step, i get it, but i cant accept it at some cases.
Level 25
RE: I got my pivx withdrawal in 6days.
Posted 2 months ago
Thanks for reply. And I will monitor.