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Posted by prathima 5 days ago
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Introducing myself
Posted 5 days ago
Hi all, I am very new to this field and site too...i started learning about cryptocurency from past 20days..i believe that future is going to depend on crypto...i want to stand on my legs independently for that I want all of your help to know how to claim, earn, Rain etc., I am totally confused what and where to start!! Please guide me... Happy earning crypto currencies by claiming and mining to all.
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RE: Introducing myself
Posted 5 days ago
welcome to FaucetHub start with coinpot faucets and cointiply check the link in my signature for the best faucets
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RE: Introducing myself
Posted 4 days ago
So first thing to do is ensure you have a wallet saved for each coin. Once you have done that head on over to sites, choose a coin and click on links to faucets. Bookmark any you like. Now that you have started claiming, you can use the Chat on Faucethub for a chance to be rained on. Want to continue learning more about Crypto checkout link in my profile.