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ClaimBits - New Bitcoin Faucet Script!

Posted by hyuga 4 days ago
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ClaimBits - New Bitcoin Faucet Script!
Posted 4 days ago, last edited 7 hours ago
ClaimBits is a new type of Bitcoin Faucet which brings plenty of different features togheter into a complete system. This system was designed to be attractive and easy to use. Some of main features of this system are listed bellow, but to see this system working, I invite you to check the demo from the bottom of this page. Features: Bootstrap 4 responsive design Hourly Faucet Claim (Roll between 1 and 99,999) PTC Ads (users can purchase PTC Ads on your website) Shortlinks visits with weekly contest system (add your desired shortlinks on admin panel and let your users do the rest) Offerwalls with weekly contest system (earn money everytime your users complete offers) PTCWall Wannads AdWorkMedia AdscendMedia CPU Mining System (CoinHive integrated) Multilanguage system (only Enligh available by default) FaucetHub integrated (allow your users to withdraw BTC to their FaucetHub accounts) CoinPayments integrated (used for users to deposit funds or withdraw BTC into their wallets) Membership system with 4 different levels Basic (default) Silver Gold Diamond Investment Game (100% legit game build with CoinDesk API's) Jobs system where you can reward users for doing tasks Users Levels (based on users faucet claims) Activity Rewards system to stimulate users to be more active Internal advertising system (users can purchase advertising on your website) PTC Advertising Banner Advertising Complex affiliate system with weekly contest Google ReCaptcha, RainCaptcha and SolveMedia integrated Google Analytics integrated SSL Support for secure connection (HTTPS) Complete admin panel Dashboard with stats Manage website settings Manage members Newsletter system and more Very well optimised and secured Unencrypted code + Many others features Demo Website:  Click here Register for free to test it Admin Panel Demo:  Click here Admin Username: Admin Admin Password: ClaimBits If you want more details about this script or you want to purchase it, script is available for sale here:
RE: ClaimBits - New Bitcoin Faucet Script!
Posted 1 day ago
Hi, I am interested. I have sent a message through your store kindly answer my questions so i can proceed with the purchase thank you
RE: ClaimBits - New Bitcoin Faucet Script!
Posted 17 hours ago
Thank you for your interest, I have replied to your questions, please check your email.
RE: ClaimBits - New Bitcoin Faucet Script!
Posted 14 hours ago
Thanks for your reply. $300 is high price for one domain only it should be unlimited domains or atleast 10 domains at this price. Other then that i like your script but unfortunately i can't afford 300 for one domain only..sad for me.
RE: ClaimBits - New Bitcoin Faucet Script!
Posted 11 hours ago
Before creating this script I did a little bit of research to see what faucet scripts are available, there are scripts with not even half of the features available on my script (I won't talk about the quality of those scripts and the bugs I found in few minutes of tests) for prices over $150. I do know the quality of my products and I would rather sell 10 licenses with $300, instead of selling 100 licenses with $30. Even if for me the income will be the same, less websites using my script will be better for my customers (if you'll have an website built with the script, I'm sure you would prefer not to be too many websites using the same script). This is not my only product, I'm selling web scripts developed by me since 2010, I have this store since 2012, I prooved the quality of my work over time and as you know, quality costs. Still, I do understand that it may be expensive for you and I won't try to convince you (or anyone else) to purchase this script. Thank you for your interest shown for my product and I wish you good luck :)